2. Chapel being situated on the Ölberg (Ölbergkapelle)

Above Ehrenstetten there is a chapel which is situated on a pre-summit of the hill having the same name, and which is easily visible from a distance. Probably, from this point you have the best-known panoramic view of the Markgräflerland. In the chapel, there is a pieta carved from wood which was originally placed in the so-called Streicherkapelle in the Ehrenstetter Grund. The chapel was built in 1954 in commemoration of the Ehrenstetten victims of the First and Second World War.
From here you can see in the east the Hexental, the wooded pre-summits of the Black Forest, the impressive summit areas around the Schauinsland and Belchen, in the south the wide-open Rhine Valley which is only interrupted by the castle hill of Staufen and in the west, you can see the Batzenberg as well as the mountain chain of the Vosges.
Next to the cultivated garden around the chapel there is, on the left-hand side, the historical vineyard “Ehrenstetter Ölberg“. This vineyard is one of the few locations in the Markgräflerland being completely in southern situation. Therefore, it provides excellent wines. Since 1996 this area with its size of about 24 hectares has been classified as nature protection area. Dry-stone walls consisting of limestone, vines and open landscape providing a perfect habitat for many species of the fauna and flora. For many years, members of the local group of the BUND Schönberg as well as of the working group “Ortsgeschichte Ehrenkirchen“ (local history), have been taking care of the dry-stone walls and the dry grassland that they have not been overgrown.