Walking on traces left by reindeer hunters and sand lizards

The panoramic view from the Ehrenstetter Ölberg is the most-known photo scene of the Markgräflerland. Hardly anybody thinks that the Ölberg is only a vineyard with historical terraces and a nature conservation area with rare plants and animals. However, in the wood, you can discover impressive caves of the reindeer hunters dated roughly 13000 years ago, and a rampart that is 5000 years old. 140000 years ago, Neanderthal men were even hunting for mammoths on the Steinberg which is directly next to the Ölberg. Furthermore, children and adults can search for sand lizards and Cirl Buntings or discover rare plants such as snowflakes and Turk’s-cap lilies following the path with its 12 information boards which is about 5 km long.

You have two possibilities to start your walk on the Stone Age Path: Either on the information boards at the car park of the church St. Georg (79238 Ehrenkirchen-Ehrenstetten, Wenzinger Straße 8) or at the car park of the lime plant in Bollschweil (79283 Bollschweil-Ellighofen). After a short access path, you have reached the Stone Age Path. Partly the “Stone Age Path“ (Steinzeitpfad) and the “Mining Path“ (Bergbaupfad) are only narrow paths and not suitable for prams and wheelchairs. These walks demand solid shoes.

Well, we wish you much fun when discovering this medieval mining area!

You will be accompanied by the mammoth showing you the way.